Sarah Kanouse and Shiloh Krupar step down as Interim Co-Directors with call to “Decolonize Public Agencies.”

Long-term interim co-directors Kanouse and Krupar published a summative ten-year report on the activities of the National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation Service in the recently released book Toxic Immanence (edited by Livia Monnet, McGill-Queens University Press, 2022). In an era in which the “left hand” of the state is in retreat across the industrialized world, the National TLC Service may remain a platform on which to rehearse alternative social organization, embodied ecological politics, and open-ended governmental administration – but under a leadership drawn from and accountable to communities most severely impacted by the nuclear complex. We leave the agency where it started – as an improvisational thought experiment, a hopeful and hilarious vision of how government might operate differently – with gratitude for the brilliant conversations and thoughtful designs proposed by differently positioned nuclear communities over the last decade.

Download final report as PDF

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