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An Art Happening at Site A


The National TLC Service has noted an increase in artistic interest in the atomic legacy over the last few years. Artists like Smudge explicitly link nuclear waste, its storage, and its movement with ideas about the Anthropocene. Others, such as

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Monument to Cold War Victory Exhibition @ The Cooper Union


The National Cold War Monuments and Environmental Heritage Trail is featured in a new exhibition resulting from the Monument to Cold War Victory design competition. Running October 7-November 7, 2014 at the 41 Cooper Gallery, the exhibition marks the launching

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As Above So Below: Three Ragged Tales of National Security at the Pawnee National Grasslands


A phalanx of windmills guards the border between Colorado and Nebraska. Visible for miles on the treeless high plains, the giant turbines appear to inch closer as cars approach the state line at eighty miles an hour. The windmills embody

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First Charrette Report Released!


The National TLC Service is pleased to announce the release of the first report and catalog stemming from the National Cold War Monuments and Environmental Heritage Trail design charrettes. The report reflects the work of seventeen participants in the October

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National TLC Service Public Address


On Tuesday, December 3, National TLC Service Agent Sarah Kanouse will deliver an informal address to the University of Iowa course “Marketing, Promoting, Politicking Public Art.” Focusing on the TLC Service’s recently concluded design charrette and exhibition at the University

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