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National TLC Service Field Office at the Figge Art Museum

Field Office in the Figge Museum, Davenport, IA

The National TLC Service Mobile Field Office will be on view at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa. Fabricated by Dan Feinberg, the field office desk collapses into a 55-gallon hazardous waste drum. Our nuclear weapons map of Chicago,

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Official Video Released!


We’re pleased to release our wishfully official (or officially wishful) agency video introducing our primary organizational initiative through 2020: The National Cold War Monuments and Environmental Heritage Trail.

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Archive of Nuclear Humor: Atomic Wear

Hanford Reactor hat

The National TLC Service received its inaugural donation of materials for our digital archive of nuclear humor from a former Department of Energy inspector who collected clothing items over many years of visiting nuclear weapons sites. These shirts and caps

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National TLC Service Now Building Advisory Board

Part of the mandate of the National TLC Service includes collaborating with the grassroots movements, non-governmental organizations, and affected individuals already involved in contesting government unaccountability concerning America’s military legacy. We are now building an advisory committee to draw on

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National TLC Service Releases Brochure


The National TLC Service today released its first official publication, a brochure explaining our mission and activities for the general public. Download the first ever National TLC Service Brochure!

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