Our Programs

The National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation Service is an innovative new agency dedicated to ending government unaccountability concerning the domestic effects of the American nuclear state. The legacy of secrecy, denial, misinformation, and sacrifice that characterize Cold War government operations requires vigilant detection and continual exposition. To that end, the National TLC Service was founded to carry out the discovery—in perpetuity— of ways to care for lands, attend to labor histories, and explore the linkages between bodies, environments, and exposures.

Co-directed by a public scholar in the humanities and an artist, the Service brings rigorous, creative, and justice-oriented thinking to bear on the environmental, human health, and cultural legacy of the Cold War. We are currently working on developing the National Cold War Monuments and Environmental Heritage Trail, a collection of speculative, grassroots markers, actions, and routes to mark atomic geographies on a regional basis.