Our Mission

The mission of the National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation Service is to ensure the full resources of the government are dedicated to addressing the ongoing environmental, economic, and health effects of the Cold War and the American nuclear state. At the same time, we create interpretive programming to help the public understand why the nuclear state happened here, how it changed our society, and how we can prevent it from ever happening again. We are mandated to

  • Provide fair and adequate health services, environmental stewardship, and networks of care between humans and nonhumans impacted by nuclear militarization;
  • Coordinate the conception, design, and installation of monuments and museums about cultural and environmental legacy of the US nuclear state;
  • Develop vital cultural institutions that bring together the myriad constituencies affected by national military catastrophe;
  • Explore collaborative methodologies, cultivate new forms of knowledge, and practice community outreach in ways that inspire commitment and hope;
  • Monitor the Service‚Äôs own potential conflicts-of-interest and relationships with all agencies, companies, and individuals that promote militarism.

Download our official agency brochure as a pdf.