• bdb9

    The National TLC Service is participating in Boston Does Boston 9, an exhibition at Proof Gallery January 23-February 20, 2016. The annual exhibition invites a handful of Boston-based artists to exhibit and select another Boston-based artist to also contribute to

  • 20150210_ShowUpShowDown_gallerysign

    National TLC Service Agent Sarah Kanouse presented the National Cold War Monuments and Environmental Heritage Trail during the Albuquerque gallery Central Feature’s annual “Show Up/Show Down” series on contemporary art. The weeklong exhibition featured images of the Environmental Heritage Trail

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  • 08.21.2015

    [HOME JOURNAL] - A National TLC Service initiative to advance investigation of the domestic remains of war-making in/on the homefront—our literal homes! The National TLC Service call for homegrown reflections on the ways the Cold War shapes our everyday lives

  • Ginsburg_Chicago

    The National TLC Service has noted an increase in artistic interest in the atomic legacy over the last few years. Artists like Smudge explicitly link nuclear waste, its storage, and its movement with ideas about the Anthropocene. Others, such as


  • willauer

    Christopher Willauer, a National TLC Service field agent, has been assisting with research into the atomic history of the American Midwest. He will present his findings at the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates annual Spring Undergraduate Research Fair on

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    On Tuesday, December 3, National TLC Service Agent Sarah Kanouse will deliver an informal address to the University of Iowa course “Marketing, Promoting, Politicking Public Art.” Focusing on the TLC Service’s recently concluded design charrette and exhibition at the University