Public Rhetoric Seminar: Demilitarizing Atomic Memory with The National TLC Service

Minuteman II: world-wide delivery in 30 minutes of less or your next one is freeNational TLC Service interim co-director Sarah Kanouse will deliver a performative presentation on the rhetorics of atomic memory and wishful governmentality.

A POROI Public Rhetoric Seminar
Friday, September 14, 2012
11:30am-1pm, 106 Bowman House

Seminar guests are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the National TLC Service’s establishing documents, available through the POROI website:

POROI encourges seminar guests to view materials in advance of presentations and offers the opportunity for substantial interaction among presenters and audience.

A light lunch will be served.

People with disabilities are encouraged to attend University of Iowa events. If you require special accommodations to attend this event, please contact us at 335-2752 so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

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