National TLC Service at Central Features, Albuquerque, NM

20150210_ShowUpShowDown_installation02National TLC Service Agent Sarah Kanouse presented the National Cold War Monuments and Environmental Heritage Trail during the Albuquerque gallery Central Feature’s annual “Show Up/Show Down” series on contemporary art. The weeklong exhibition featured images of the Environmental Heritage Trail marker mock-up in the landscape at twelve sites proposed for inclusion on the trail. A video monitor played publicly-submitted proposals for sites to include on the trail, while Agent Kanouse gave an update on the National TLC Service’s activities in 2014-2015.

National TLC Service-nominated sites included in the exhibition were:

Mark 17 Bomb Accident Site, Albuquerque, NM
Bluewater Disposal Cell, Cibola County, NM
Church Rock Uranium Mill Spill, Church Rock, NM
Fort Reno Park, Washington, DC
LA96 Nike Missile Base, Los Angeles, CA
Lookout Mountain Air Force Station, Los Angeles, CA
Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, CO
Midwest Manufacturing, Galesburg, IL
Rockwell Collins Headquarters, Cedar Rapids, IA
Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Thousand Oaks, CA
Ward Valley Proposed Radioactive Waste Disposal, San Bernardino County, CA

Publicly-nominated sites included in the exhibition:

Acid Canyon, Santa Fe, NM – nominated by Linda Weiner
Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, San Luis Obispo, CA – nominated by Maya Weeks
Grunland Creek Park, Hampton, VA – nominated by Carmina Sanchez de Valle
Hanford Reservation, Richland, WA – nominated by Jay Needham
Skull Valley Goshute Reservation, Tooele County, UT – nominated by Ali Mitchell
Air Space over the Western United States – nominated by Josh MacDonald
Fast Flux Test Facility, Richland, WA – nominated by Joe Krupar
Nevada Test Site, Beatty, NV – nominated by Ron Graham
Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA – nominated by Greig Crysler
Point Mugu, Malibu, CA – nominated by Kate Chandler
The Black Hole, Los Alamos, NM – nominated by Sherri Bruggeman

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